UMix 21.10

Update: UMix has been discontinued since October 2021 due to a number of issues with Unity desktop on Ubuntu 22.04. There is almost no development happening on Unity 7 and it seems unlikely that these bugs will be fixed in future Ubuntu releases 🙁

Please try the official Ubuntu Unity Remix if you need an alternative.

UMix 21.10 is now available based on Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri).

UMix is a remixed version of Ubuntu with Unity 7 desktop for Intel/AMD laptops and desktops.


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Introducing UmixOS (Unity Remix)

Umix OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with Unity 7 desktop. This distribution is for people who miss Unity, and who are not satisfied with other desktops that try to replicate the same experience.

I spent the last 6 months trying one desktop after another, before going back to Unity. Since customising the system is time-consuming, I decided to make a distro out of it, to save time. I also made some changes to themes to bring Unity up-to-date with modern times.


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