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Buy me a coffee and support the development of Zinc. Zinc is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu LTS with Xfce desktop. It is based on Xubuntu but aims to provide a more functional desktop with better defaults.

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Buy me a coffee and support the development of Zinc.


  • Based on Xubuntu LTS – Stable base with 5 years of security updates
  • Xfce desktop with 4 layouts
  • Dark-themed to reduce eye strain
  • Latest HWE-edge kernel from Ubuntu – Currently at v5.19 for 22.04. Newer mainline kernels are not used to avoid compatibility issues with Nvidia, VirtualBox, and wireless drivers.
  • No Snaps or Flatpaks – Can be installed if needed
  • Latest DEB version of Firefox from Mozilla’s official repositories
  • Calamares Installer instead of Ubiquity
  • Drop-down terminal for running commands in the background – Mapped to F1 key
  • Better VM support – Auto-resize display to match the host resolution, and access shared folders from the Live system session
  • Live session option to load to RAM – You can write the ISO to a USB drive, boot from it using the “Load to RAM” option, and install the OS onto the same USB drive.

Latest News & Updates

User Manual


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