A modern file manager for Linux

Project page: https://github.com/teejee2008/polo

Polo is a modern, light-weight file manager for Linux with support for multiple panes and tabs; support for archives, and much more.


  • Multiple Panes – Single-pane, dual-pane (vertical or horizontal split) and quad-pane layouts. Supports multiple tabs in each pane. Each tab has an embedded terminal which can be toggled with the F4 key.
  • Multiple Views – List view, Icon view, Tiled view and Media view.
  • Device Manager – Devices popup displays list of connected devices with options to mount and unmount. Supports locking/unlocking LUKS encrypted devices.
  • Archive Support – Support for browsing archives as normal folders. Supports creation of archives in multiple formats with advanced compression settings.
  • PDF Actions – Actions in right-click menu: Split and Merge pages, Add or Remove Password, Rotate, etc.
  • ISO Actions – Actions in right-click menu: Mount, Boot in VM, Write to USB
  • Image Actions – Actions in right-click menu: Rotate, Resize, Reduce Quality, Optimize PNG, Convert to other formats, Boot or Reduce Colors, etc.
  • Checksum & Hashing – Actions in right-click menu to generate MD5, SHA1, SHA2-256 ad SHA2-512 checksums for file and folders. Double-click on files with .md5, .sha1, .sha2, .sha256, .sha512 extensions to verify.
  • Video Downloads – Paste URLs from YouTube and other video websites in a folder to download video files. Integrates with youtube-dl utility.


Single-pane layout with Sidebar and IconView

Single-pane layout with Sidebar and ListView

Dual-pane layout with IconView

Dual-pane layout with ListView

Options for creating archives – Supports all encoder options, encryption, and split archives

Support for browsing cloud storage accounts


PPA and DEB files are available for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distributions. Binary installers are available for all Linux distributions.


Donation Plugins

Polo includes a few extra plugins for people who have contributed to the project through donations, translations, etc. You can make a donation for $10 or more via PayPal to receive the plugins by email. Your contributions will help keep the project alive and support future development.

Donation Features

PayPal ~ If you find this application useful and wish to say thanks, you can buy me a coffee by making a one-time donation with Paypal.