Performance Tips for Ubuntu 22.04 on Raspberry Pi 4

Ubuntu 22.04 is the first release of Ubuntu that works well on the Raspberry Pi 4 without any lag or stutter. Most of the credit for this goes to the work done on the Mesa drivers over the last year by Igalia. The 2D graphics support and Vulkan 3D support for the Pi 4 are currently in great shape and continue to pick up improvements.

This article provides a few tips to improve the performance further.


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Zinc 22.04

Zinc is a new Linux distribution based on Ubuntu LTS with Xfce desktop. It is based on Xubuntu but aims to provide a more functional desktop with better defaults.

This distribution is for people who prefer traditional desktops. Snap and Flatpak packages are not included by default. They can be installed if needed. DEB version of Firefox is installed from Mozilla’s repositories.

Wallpaper by Ray Hennessy

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Ubuntu 22.04 Tips & Tricks

Updated April 24

Ubuntu 22.04 was released this Thursday. It seems to be the most significant Ubuntu release since Ubuntu 16.04. Most of the issues related to workflow and performance have been fixed in the Gnome 42 release. The main Ubuntu distribution (with some tweaks and extensions) is finally usable as a daily driver.

This article provides some tips to set up your new system. You can run the commands given here directly, or download the scripts to modify and run.


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