Battery monitor for laptops

Battery Monitor is a battery monitoring app for Dell laptops. It displays a graph of change in battery level with time. This is useful to estimate the amount of battery life that you are getting from your laptop and to check the overall health.

A new battery will start with health at 100%. It will slowly decrease to about 80% after 2-3 years of use. It depends on how heavily the battery was used, amongst other factors.

The Rated Capacity and Actual capacity show how much charge your battery is capable of holding. Actual Capacity will decrease after few years when the battery starts to wear out.

Average Life is the number of hours your battery can be expected to last on a full charge. This depends on your usage pattern. If you use your laptop primarily for gaming this can be as low as 2 hours. If you use it primarily for web browsing it can be as much as 10 hrs (depending on your battery capacity and laptop model).

Average Charge Time is the time required to fully charge the battery when starting from empty.


This app is available as a free download. Run the following command in a command window to install the app.

wget -O- | bash


Run the following command in a command window to remove the app.

wget -O- | bash

Supported Linux Distributions

  • This app is meant for use on Linux distributions based on Debian and Ubuntu
  • Debian 9 (Stretch)Debian 10 (Buster), and later releases are supported.
  • Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, and later releases are supported. This includes derivative distributions like Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Elementary OS, Pop OS, etc. Older releases of Ubuntu and their derivatives are not supported.
  • Linux Mint 19, 20, and later are supported. Mint 18 and older releases are not supported.
  • RedHat/CentOS/Fedora and ArchLinux/Manjaro are NOT supported.


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