Neolite 22.11

This is a tool to de-bloat your Ubuntu installation by removing pre-installed applications and system components. You can use this tool to remove packages for system features that may not be useful for you – such as support for scanners, printers, text-to-speech, error reporting, etc.


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October Updates

This is a summary of updates for October.

Aptik v22.10

Aptik v22.10 is now available with some improvements.

  • Improve detection of default packages for MX Linux, LMDE, PopOS, and ElementaryOS.
  • Improve support for Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic
  • Fix: Group with GID=GID_MAX will be treated as a system group instead of a normal group. This fixes an issue caused by applications that incorrectly create system groups with GID=GID_MAX.

Existing users will receive the update automatically. If you face any issues, please re-run the installation steps that you received at the time of purchase. A new license for Aptik can be purchased from the store.


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Performance Tips for Ubuntu 22.04 on Raspberry Pi 4

Ubuntu 22.04 is the first release of Ubuntu that works well on the Raspberry Pi 4 without any lag or stutter. Most of the credit for this goes to the work done on the Mesa drivers over the last year by Igalia. The 2D graphics support and Vulkan 3D support for the Pi 4 are currently in great shape and continue to pick up improvements.

This article provides a few tips to improve the performance further.


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