Post-Install Wizard for Ubuntu 22.10

This is a tool for executing some post-installation tasks after a new installation of Ubuntu 22.04 or 22.10. I was going to create a new remix of the Ubuntu ISO but decided to create an installer instead. You can simply execute this installer on a fresh installation of Ubuntu.

It will transform your Ubuntu desktop from this:


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Neolite 22.11

This is a tool to de-bloat your Ubuntu installation by removing pre-installed applications and system components. You can use this tool to remove packages for system features that may not be useful for you – such as support for scanners, printers, text-to-speech, error reporting, etc.


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October Updates

This is a summary of updates for October.

Aptik v22.10

Aptik v22.10 is now available with some improvements.

  • Improve detection of default packages for MX Linux, LMDE, PopOS, and ElementaryOS.
  • Improve support for Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic
  • Fix: Group with GID=GID_MAX will be treated as a system group instead of a normal group. This fixes an issue caused by applications that incorrectly create system groups with GID=GID_MAX.

Existing users will receive the update automatically. If you face any issues, please re-run the installation steps that you received at the time of purchase. A new license for Aptik can be purchased from the store.


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