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Aptik is a tool for migrating settings and data from an existing Linux system to a newly installed system. It can be used while re-installing the operating system, and when moving to next release of a Linux distribution.

If re-installing your Linux system gives you nightmares because of all the setup and customisation that you need to do after installing it, then Aptik provides a simple solution. Take a full backup with Aptik on the old system, and restore the backups after installing the new system. Your system will be restored to the way it was before.

The only thing you need is a USB drive with enough free space to store the backups, and a fast internet connection to download and install software packages.

Supported Items

Aptik can backup and restore the following items:

  • Repositories – Launchpad PPAs and third-party APT repositories
  • Software packages – Packages from installed repositories, including Flatpak and Snap packages. Only extra packages that were installed by the user will be included.
  • User accounts – Users accounts including login credentials, password expiry rules, etc
  • Groups – User-created groups
  • Mount entries – Entries for storage devices, bind mounts, etc from fstab and crypttab files. Entries for system devices are excluded to avoid issues.
  • Scheduled tasks – Cron jobs for each user and common jobs for all users
  • Icons, themes, and fonts – Files are saved to backup location and extracted to system folders on restore.
  • Home directory data – Home directory data for each user. Data is encrypted, compressed and de-duplicated using BorgBackup.
  • Dconf settings – User-specific settings in dconf database

Note: Aptik doesn’t backup and restore everything on your system. Otherwise there would be no point of reinstalling your OS. Any configuration changes in system folders like /etc, /opt will not be saved and you will need to redo these changes on the new system.


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A personal license for Aptik is currently available for $25. This is a single-user license that is valid for lifetime, and includes future updates.

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