Appy v1.0 Released

Appy v1.0 is now available.

Appy is an app for managing Debian packages, Flatpaks, Snaps, and AppImages on Ubuntu 24.04 and Debian 12.

What’s New

See the Release Notes for more information.

Note: Appy is a GTK4 application and requires Ubuntu 24.04 or Debian 12 at the minimum. It will not run on older releases of Ubuntu and Debian.

Trial Version

A trial version of Appy can be installed using the command below:


wget -O - | bash


wget -O - | bash

Note: The trial version is just a demo and will expire after some time. Upgrade to the full version to install and remove packages.


A personal license for Appy is available from the link below. This is a single-user license with perpetual validity and includes future updates.

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