UKUU v23.09

UKUU v23.09 is now available.

What’s New

Main Window

The windows now use Gtk header bars to save space and blend better with the system theme.

A new icon was added in the top left corner to toggle between light and dark themes for the UI.

The running kernel will be highlighted in bold.

Settings Window

The layout was improved for the settings window.

Terminal Window

The embedded terminal was moved to a separate window and the Cancel button was moved to the headerbar.

The Cancel button will terminate the kernel installation/removal directly instead of asking the user to press CTRL+C.

A warning is shown if the user tries to cancel while the package installation/removal is in progress.


  • Fix: Installing the x.0 version of a kernel would show a dummy entry for the rc1 version of the same kernel.
  • Fix: RC kernels cannot be installed
  • Fix: The icon used for the “Log” button is not visible against a white background or GTK theme.
  • Fix: Show blue icon for Xanmod kernels in purge list
  • Fix: Add a margin between panels in the main window
  • Highlight the running kernel in bold
  • Disable the button for removing the kernel if no packages are found
  • Assign a minimum width to the kernel name column to avoid jumps when switching filters
  • Rename the Application Menu entry to “Kernels (UKUU)”
  • Install a policy kit policy file to run ‘ukuu’ with pkexec

Installation & Updates

If you are an existing user, you will receive the update automatically. In case of any problems, please re-run the installation command you received at the time of purchase.


A single-user license for UKUU can be purchased from the link below:

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  1. Boris Mihailov

    Are they can fully work on Debian (12)

    1. Tony George

      This is only for Ubuntu. Debian is not supported.

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