Homi v23.06

Homi v23.06 is now available.

Homi is an app for protecting your home directory. It takes a snapshot of data every hour and saves it to a pen drive or USB drive. If you accidentally delete a file, or if your hard disk or SSD dies, then you can use Homi to recover the data. The backups can be mounted and browsed as a normal folder, and you can copy or extract the files that you need. Backups are created using Borg as the backend. Backups are incremental, encrypted, compressed, and de-duplicated to save disk space.

What’s New

Validate, Repair, and Clean

New actions were added for Validate, Repair, and Clean. These actions are for experienced users and should be used only if you are facing issues with the backups. These actions are not required for normal use.

Validate will check the backups for data corruption. If any issues are found, use the Repair action to repair the data.

Clean will remove the Borg cache and security info for the backups.

Actions for Background Tasks

An option was added to unmount and abort background tasks from the GUI.

Compare Differences

An action was added to compare differences in snapshots. This is the same as the “Compare” action in Baqpaq.

To compare 2 snapshots, select any 2 snapshots in the list and click the Compare button.

The first 5000 changes are shown by default. Use the Previous and Next buttons to browse through the remaining changes.

Borg v2 Support

Support was added for Borg v2 which is the next major release of Borg. This is still in development by the Borg developers and is likely to be released next year.


  • Fix: Desktop notification is not shown for failure when the console app terminates abnormally
  • Various fixes and improvements
  • The application icon was updated.


Homi is available for purchase from the store.

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