Post-Install Wizard for Ubuntu 22.10

This is a tool for executing some post-installation tasks after a new installation of Ubuntu 22.04 or 22.10. I was going to create a new remix of the Ubuntu ISO but decided to create an installer instead. You can simply execute this installer on a fresh installation of Ubuntu.

It will transform your Ubuntu desktop from this:

To this: (Bottom Taskbar + Light theme)

Other layouts

Left Panel with Top Bar + Light theme

Left Taskbar + Dark theme)

Post-Install Actions

The customizations done by the installer are listed on the following page.


The installer can be downloaded from the link below:

teejeetech-ubuntu-post-install.run1.4 MB2022-12-047d326cc2e143d35b57834aa80207632c

Run the installer with the following commands:

chmod a+x ./

After the installation is over, you can execute the installer again to change the layout or theme.


If you find this tool to be useful, you can buy me a coffee using the link below.

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