October Updates

This is a summary of updates for October.

Aptik v22.10

Aptik v22.10 is now available with some improvements.

  • Improve detection of default packages for MX Linux, LMDE, PopOS, and ElementaryOS.
  • Improve support for Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic
  • Fix: Group with GID=GID_MAX will be treated as a system group instead of a normal group. This fixes an issue caused by applications that incorrectly create system groups with GID=GID_MAX.

Existing users will receive the update automatically. If you face any issues, please re-run the installation steps that you received at the time of purchase. A new license for Aptik can be purchased from the store.

Timeshift v22.06.6

An update is available for Timeshift that fixes a crash on Ubuntu 22.10 (kinetic) and on Arch Linux. The update can be installed from my PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/timeshift
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install timeshift

Timeshift is now maintained by the Linux Mint project. Any new feature requests, PRs, or issues should be posted to the Linux Mint repository.

To avoid confusing users with two versions of Timeshift, and to avoid duplication of PRs and open issues, I have archived my GitHub repository. Going forward I will be contributing my changes to the Linux Mint repository instead of maintaining my own version.

If you are using my Launchpad PPA to install Timeshift you can continue using it. I’ll update it to build packages from the Linux Mint repository.

Phased Updates in Ubuntu 22.04

If you are using Ubuntu 22.04 you may have noticed that some packages are held back when you do an apt upgrade.

Held packages in apt upgrade
Held packages in Nala

This is a part of Ubuntu’s phased-update strategy. Updates are rolled out first to a small number of users and then rolled out to everyone if there are no issues. If you wish you can install these updates with aptitudes’ safe-upgrade command:

sudo aptitude safe-upgrade

You can also disable phased updates entirely by changing your Apt configuration. This is not recommended though since a bad update can cause problems in your system. It is better to just wait a few hours. The updates will get installed the next time you update your system.

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  1. JohnDoe

    Timeshift is great and exactly what I was looking for. Is it possible to add a password login and/or encryption feature?

    1. Tony George

      Do you mean password-protecting the backups? That’s not possible since backups created with Rsync are saved without encryption.
      You can save the backups on an encrypted (LUKS) partition instead.

  2. Yoannjap

    Could you upgrade the repository of this absolutely GREAT package onto Ubuntu 23.04? Miss it so much. Should be a package released at the moment a new Ubuntu version is released, in order to be able to backup and restore your apps when you do a clean liveUSB Ubuntu upgrade 🙂

    1. Tony George

      What’s there to miss? It’s already available for Ubuntu 23.04. It can be installed on all future versions of Ubuntu.

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