Introducing Homi

Homi is an app for protecting your home directory. It takes a snapshot of files every hour and saves it to a pen drive or USB drive. If you accidentally delete a file, or if your hard disk or SSD dies, then you can use Homi to recover the data. The backups can be mounted and browsed as a normal folder, and you can copy or extract the files that you require.

Backups are created using Borg as the backend. Backups are incremental, encrypted, compressed, and de-duplicated to save disk space.

This tool is a simpler version of Baqpaq and is designed to be easy to use. If you need more options check out Baqpaq which provides more functionality (but also requires more configuration).


  • Back up home directory data to any path on a pen drive, USB drive, or internal drive.
  • Create snapshots at intervals of 5 to 60 minutes
  • Hourly snapshots are kept for the last 12 hours. Older snapshots are removed automatically.
  • Backups are incremental, compressed, and de-duplicated to save space
  • Backups are encrypted and protected with a password
  • Backups can be mounted to a folder and opened with a file manager to copy files that are needed
  • Easy to use. No configuration is required.
  • Supports Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Manjaro, and derivatives.


  • Protect files from accidental deletion. Recover deleted files from previous snapshots.
  • Recover older versions of documents and files from previous snapshots
  • Recover home directory data in case of a dead hard disk or SSD

Install Homi Lite

A basic version of Homi is available as a free download. The free version takes backups at hourly intervals and keeps 12 hourly snapshots.

Run the following command in a terminal window. This will download and install packages for the latest version. It does not add any repository. You can re-run the same command in the future to update to a newer version.

wget -O - | bash


The full version of Homi is available for purchase from the store.

Please try out the Lite version before you purchase the full version. Both have the same functionality. The full version has more settings than the free version.

Homi Vs Baqpaq

Homi is a modified version of Baqpaq that is easier to use and with the goal of protecting the user’s home directory. If you already use Baqpaq then there is no need to purchase Homi unless you want an app that is easier to use.

Ease of use✅ Easy to use. No configuration is needed.Has more features and options. Requires more configuration.
Target Audience ✅ Recommended for all usersRecommended for experienced users.
Source directory✅ Takes a backup of the home directorySource directories have to be configured by the user.
Exclusions✅ Junk files and folders in the home directory are excluded by defaultExclude filters have to be configured by the user.
Local backupsBackups can be saved to any path on a local drive or USBBackups can be saved to any path on a local drive or USB
Remote Backups❌ Not supported✅ Backups can be saved to a remote machine over SSH or uploaded to online storage accounts like DropBox and Google Drive.
SchedulingA backup interval between 5 and 60 minutes can be selected for creating new snapshots. Old snapshots are removed automatically.✅ Provides detailed scheduling options for every action (create, prune, validate, sync, and upload).
Multiple Profiles❌ Single profile for home directory✅ Multiple profiles can be created with different settings
Run as root❌ Runs as a normal user✅ Can be run as a normal user, or as root to backup files owned by other users.

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