Timeshift v22.06

Timeshift v22.06 is now available. This is a maintenance release that fixes some bugs.


  • Fix #895#809#689#653#10: Unmount devices that were mounted by Timeshift before exit
  • Fix #865#839#680: Do not create or remove quota groups when snapshots are created or removed
  • Fix #900#891: Force C locale for Rsync
  • Fix #260: No text on the Summary page under ‘Warning’ and ‘Disclaimer’ heading
  • Install the app icon in /usr/share/pixmaps directory
  • Remove columns ‘Size’ and ‘Unshared Size’ for BTRFS snapshots.
  • Rsync: Restore: Delete files using --delete-before instead of --delete-after
  • Rsync: Restore: Improve UI for the device selection page
  • Run post-restore scripts in /etc/timeshift/restore-hooks.d
  • Code cleanup: Remove unused functions and code
  • Update donation window
  • Update translations


sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/timeshift
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install timeshift


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