PiMix 22.04 for Odroid N2/N2+

This is a pre-built image of Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) with Gnome 42 desktop for the Odroid N2/N2+ single board computer.


  • Based on the netboot installer from tobetter for Odroid N2/N2+
  • Linux kernel v5.15 with Mesa 22.0 and Panfrost drivers
  • Snap packages removed
  • Deb version of Firefox from Mozilla repositories
Image credit: hardkernel.com


  1. The system will boot into a temporary OEM login on the first boot. Set up the display resolution and complete the initial setup using the Calamares Installer (refer to the gallery below). The root partition will be resized at the end of the installation process.
  2. The image must be booted in SPI mode. Make sure that you are running SPI firmware version 20220317 or newer.
  3. Swapfile is disabled. Set up a swap file or partition manually if you need it.
  4. You can install the entire Ubuntu desktop using the command: sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop.
  5. Performance is similar on both the Wayland and X11 sessions. Performance seems to be better in the Gnome session than in the Ubuntu session.


This image is available as a free download.

OS ImageKernelDesktopSizeBuild DateMD5
pimix-22.04-arm64-odroid-n2.img.xz5.15Gnome 421.1 GB2022-05-151a1b82e8c1d71e00984490e20a921cf3


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  1. John

    No wifi support even for official ODROID USB adapter. : /

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