Zinc 22.04

Zinc is a new Linux distribution based on Ubuntu LTS with Xfce desktop. It is based on Xubuntu but aims to provide a more functional desktop with better defaults.

This distribution is for people who prefer traditional desktops. Snap and Flatpak packages are not included by default. They can be installed if needed. DEB version of Firefox is installed from Mozilla’s repositories.

Wallpaper by Ray Hennessy


  • Based on Ubuntu LTS – Stable base with 5 years of security updates
  • Xfce desktop with a top panel and a dock on the left side
  • Dark themed to reduce eye strain
  • Latest HWE-edge kernel from Ubuntu – Currently at v5.15 for 22.04. Newer mainline kernels are not used to avoid compatibility issues with Nvidia, VirtualBox, and wireless drivers.
  • No Snaps or Flatpaks – Can be installed if needed
  • Latest DEB version of Firefox from Mozilla’s official repositories
  • Calamares Installer instead of Ubiquity
  • Drop-down terminal for running commands in the background – Mapped to F1 key
  • Better VirtualBox support – Auto-resize display to match the host resolution, and access shared folders from the Live system session
  • Live session option to load to RAM – You can write the ISO to a USB drive, boot from it using the “Load to RAM” option, and install the OS onto the same USB drive.



This distribution is available as a free download.

ISO FileKernelDesktopSizeBuild DateMD5
zinc-22.04.3-amd64-1.iso5.19Xfce 4.182.6 GB2022-04-30e5c188f39295fa9f8124710d2d44f755

Alternate download link: zinc-22.04.3-amd64-1.iso

A user manual is available at the following link: https://docs.teejeetech.com/zinc/


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