UKUU 22.01

UKUU 22.01 is now available.

What’s New

libssl3 dependency

The latest builds of Mainline kernels on Ubuntu’s Mainline PPA server are built against libssl3. This package is available only on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) which is yet to be released (in April 2022). This package has been added to UKUU’s repository so that mainline kernels can be installed on older versions of Ubuntu.

Better detection of kernel flavors

The detection of other kernel flavors (aws, azure, gcp, gke, oracle, kvm, etc) for official (Ubuntu) kernels has been improved. Hovering the mouse over an installed kernel will display the type (Ubuntu, Mainline, Xanmod, Liquorix), the flavor (generic, lowlatency, aws, oracle, etc), and the list of installed packages.

The status bar now shows the flavor and type of kernel on a separate line.

The list of unused kernels now shows more information about the flavor and type of kernel.

Removing Official Kernels

Some warnings have been added for actions that are potentially dangerous.

A warning will be shown if you try to remove all official kernels. You can ignore this and continue at your own risk. On some Ubuntu-based distributions, you can safely remove all official kernels and keep only mainline kernels. On other distributions, removing all official kernels will either break your system (due to package dependencies) or cause other problems.

For safety, the latest official kernel will remain unselected by default in the GUI list. You will get the warning only if you explicitly select all kernels for removal.


  • Fix: Use ‘apt-get’ to remove packages instead of ‘dpkg’. This will resolve any dependency issues caused by removal of packages.
  • Fix: Incorrect status is sometimes shown if package installation/removal fails
  • Fix: Add more checks to prevent removal of last-remaining official kernel
  • Various fixes and improvements

Installation & Updates

If you are an existing user, you will receive the update automatically. In case of any problems, please re-run the installation command that you received at the time of purchase.


A single-user license for UKUU can be purchased from the link below:

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  1. Rev

    New version crashes when trying to remove a kernel.

    New version also cannot install recent mainline kernel because of missing checksum files:

    So for me that means zero usability after this update (as a user who paid for this app).

    Signature verified successfully

    Checking checksums…

    [ OK ] linux-headers-5.16.0-051600-generic_5.16.0-051600.202201091830_amd64.deb
    [ ERR ] Checksum not found in CHECKSUMS file: linux-headers-5.16.0-051600_5.16.0-051600.202201092355_all.deb
    [ ERR ] Checksum not found in CHECKSUMS file: linux-headers-5.16.0-051600-generic_5.16.0-051600.202201092355_amd64.deb
    [ OK ] linux-image-unsigned-5.16.0-051600-generic_5.16.0-051600.202201091830_amd64.deb
    [ ERR ] Checksum not found in CHECKSUMS file: linux-image-unsigned-5.16.0-051600-generic_5.16.0-051600.202201092355_amd64.deb
    [ OK ] linux-modules-5.16.0-051600-generic_5.16.0-051600.202201091830_amd64.deb
    [ OK ] linux-headers-5.16.0-051600_5.16.0-051600.202201091830_all.deb
    [ ERR ] Checksum not found in CHECKSUMS file: linux-modules-5.16.0-051600-generic_5.16.0-051600.202201092355_amd64.deb

  2. Dave

    Hi Tony,
    Just bought your kernel tool and seeing the same error. looks like there are 2 versions of the kernel packages but your tool isn’t seeing the correct checksum in the checksum file, any chance of a fix?

    1. Tony George

      There shouldn’t be 2 versions of the same package on the server.

      These kind of build issues come up often. I’ll wait for the next kernel release (5.16.1) before making any changes in the app..

      Added a workaround in Ukuu v21.01.1.

    2. Rev

      Hi Dave!
      Can you try to remove a kernel and check if ukuu is asking for the password for root rights when trying? Or if it just crashes, like on my machine? Thank you!

  3. direland270457Davr

    Hi Rev, needed to input password to enable the sudo commands

  4. direland270457Dave

    After update seems to be working as expected, uname -r shows 5.16 and new bluetooth dongle working. Thanks Tony

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