UMix 21.10

Update: UMix has been discontinued since October 2021 due to a number of issues with Unity desktop on Ubuntu 22.04. There is almost no development happening on Unity 7 and it seems unlikely that these bugs will be fixed in future Ubuntu releases 🙁

Please try the official Ubuntu Unity Remix if you need an alternative.

UMix 21.10 is now available based on Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri).

UMix is a remixed version of Ubuntu with Unity 7 desktop for Intel/AMD laptops and desktops.



The UMix icon theme which was based on Suru and Yaru has been replaced with TelaBudgie-Dark. TelaBudgie is a modern icon theme based on the Faba and Moka icon themes.

File Manager

Caja file manager now defaults to List View instead of Icon View.


  • Calamares: Fix: Use slick greeter after installation
  • Various minor fixes and improvements


umix-impish-unity-full-2021-11-06.iso2.4 GB
umix-focal-unity-full-2021-11-07.iso2.0 GB

Download links will be sent to your email after purchase.


These ISOs are meant for new installations. If you are already using UMix 21.04 you can upgrade to Ubuntu 21.10 in the normal way using Ubuntu’s Software Update tool. If you are using UMix 20.04 LTS you can keep your system up-to-date by installing available updates.

How to upgrade to the next release of Ubuntu


This release of UMix is available for download for $8. This fee is for a single release (21.10). This fee pays for the servers where downloads are hosted and for the work involved in putting the distribution together. It does not include technical support.

The subscription option is no longer available. If you have previously purchased the $15 subscription then you will continue to receive all future versions in your email. Please check your email for the download links.