FlashIt v21.04

FlashIt is an app for managing USB sticks and SD cards. It can flash ISO/IMG files to USB sticks, create compressed backup images, format the card for storage, clone SD cards, mount/umount disk images, etc.

FlashIt can be installed on any Linux distribution based on Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Manjaro, Fedora, CentOS, or RHEL. Both x86-based computers (Intel/AMD) and ARM-based computers (like the RPi4 and Odroid N2) are supported.

Written in Vala (which compiles to C and native code), FlashIt is under 1 MB in size and provides a lightweight alternative to similar tools like Etcher.


  • Flash ISO and IMG files to USB stick / SD card
  • Create small, compressed images from a USB stick / SD card for backup or distribution.
  • Create encrypted USB stick / SD card with BTRFS compression
  • Clone one SD Card to another
  • Shrink and Expand partitions
Create Image


  • Flash ISO/IMG/Compressed-IMG files to USB stick / SD card
    • Compressed images are decompressed and flashed on-the-fly without creating temporary files
    • Supported file formats: .img .iso .7z .zip .img.xz .img.lzma .img.gz .img.bz2 .img.zst
    • Validate after flashing
    • Expand the last partition
    • Eject device
  • Create IMG/Compressed-IMG files from USB stick / SD card
    • Create a compressed image using GZip, BZip, XZ, 7zip, Zip, and ZStd compression
    • Supported formats: .img .img.xz .img.gz .img.bz2 .img.zst .img.lz4
    • Remove junk files to reduce the size
    • Wipe free space to improve compression
    • Shrink the last partition to a minimum size
    • Modify device directly instead of creating a temporary image
  • Format USB stick / SD card for storage
    • Formats a USB stick / SD card for storing files
    • Supported formats: FAT32, NTFS, EXFAT, EXT4, BTRFS, F2FS, etc
    • Create encrypted USB stick with LUKS encryption
    • Create BTRFS-formatted USB stick with transparent data compression
  • Mount IMG/ISO images to a loop device
    • Browse partitions on the mounted loop device
    • Unmount loop device
  • Shrink the last partition on the USB stick / SD card to the minimum size
  • Expand the last partition on the USB stick / SD card to the maximum size
  • Clone USB stick or SD Card to another USB stick or SD Card
    • Clone directly from device-to-device
    • Clone from a smaller to a larger device
    • Clone from a larger to a smaller device (if the smaller device has enough space)
    • Fast cloning – Shrink partitions before cloning
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