UKUU 20.05

UKUU v20.05 is now available

What’s New

Secure Boot Warning

Since the mainline kernels are unsigned, they cannot be used if Secure Boot is enabled on your system. Installing unsigned kernels on such a system will fail with an error.

A warning will now be displayed if Secure Boot is enabled and you try to install a unsigned kernel. You can turn off this warning from the Settings window.

Refresh button

A Refresh button has been added to main window. It will clear the app cache and fetch list of available kernels from Ubuntu server.

I’m adding this button as many people have asked for it. There is almost no reason to have this button, as new kernels are normally released once a week, and Ukuu checks for new kernels automatically. It is useful in the rare scenario when you are having network issues and if the list is not updated for some reason.

Basic support for other kernels

In previous versions, the app could be used only if the active/running kernel was of a known type (official or mainline). If you were running some other kernel and it was unable to determine the type, then it would refuse to start.

Ukuu can now recognize kernels of some other types (xanmod and liquorix). Installing and removing these kernels is not supported, but installed kernels will show up in the list. If the active kernel is of unknown type then the app will start, but it will skip any actions that can cause problems (automatic updates, etc).

Other kernels will be displayed with a yellow icon.


  • Clicking the Settings button will open a new window instead of displaying options in the same window. This fixes an issue with window resizing.


A personal licence for Ukuu is currently available for purchase. This is a single-user licence that is valid for lifetime, and includes future updates.

Install / Update

You will receive an email with installation steps after you purchase a licence.

If you have already installed the app, the update will install automatically when you update your system. You can install it manually with following commands:

sudo apt update && \
sudo apt install ukuu ukuu-gtk

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  1. Heinz jr.

    weel done…keep up the good work

  2. Hung

    I purchased a UKUU license from you back in late Dec 2019.
    Wonderful investment; you make a great application. Thanks for your hard work

  3. roger


    I just bought a licnese.
    However, ukuu doens’t install modules.

    I use vfio and vfio-pci.
    A modinfo check on those modules shows that they are not installed after booting into 5.4.x.

    This is a game stopper for me.

    What can I do to fix this?

    1. Tony George

      ukuu does install the linux-modules package. vfio and vfio-pci are present in the 5.4.x series.

  4. Nobod

    Will ukuu eventually fully support liquorix and xanmod, e.g. installing and removing.

    1. Tony George

      Xanmod and Liquorix provide a repository for Debian/Ubuntu. A tool like Ukuu is not useful for these kernels.

  5. Jens

    try the manual up get this meassage
    Statusinformationen werden eingelesen…. Fertig
    ukuu ist schon die neueste Version (19.12).
    ukuu-gtk ist schon die neueste Version (19.12.1).

    1. Tony George

      Please send me an email

  6. Dori

    What about systemd-boot support? Is it planned for any future version?

    1. Tony George

      There are no plans currently. Systemd-boot is still very new and as far as I know there is only one Ubuntu-based distribution that is using it (Pop OS). The mainline packages provided by Ubuntu depend on GRUB being the default boot loader.

  7. Works great, have been a paid user for about 1y. Nice to see the releases following along with Ubuntu’s releases.

    Changelog function has been broken for most of the 5.7.x kernels. I think they’ve been moving stuff around on


    1. Tony George

      Fixed. Please update to v20.06.1

  8. Nobod

    I can see my installed liquorix kernels but not the xanmods. Also, liquorix kernels show up out of order since they put an extra zero in the version number. For example, there version kernel is really kernel. I don’t know if you can fix these issues. Love your program. Licensed user of one year.

  9. Andrew

    Previously bought UKUU, need to reinstall but don’t have info due to system failure. Help please

    1. Tony George

      Your email inbox is full. Please send me an email with another email address.

      1. Andrew

        emptied email box, sorry about that, should work now.

  10. Jens


    have running the version 20.05 but can’t upgrade from 57.1 ti 5.7.7
    this are the log file

    ukuu –user pi –install 5.7.7
    E: Packages are missing in PPA for this kernel version (arch=amd64, flavor=generic)


    1. Jens

      Hi, again. this tool won’t upgrade the kernel anymore.
      the same message every time

      ukuu –user pi –install 5.7.7
      E: Packages are missing in PPA for this kernel version (arch=amd64, flavor=generic)

      But it is possible when i use this one.

      sudo -i
      Finding latest version available on
      Latest version is: v5.7.10, continue? (y/N)
      Will download 6 files from
      Downloading amd64/linux-headers-5.7.10-050710-generic_5.7.10-050710.202007220834_amd64.deb: 100%
      Downloading amd64/linux-headers-5.7.10-050710_5.7.10-050710.202007220834_all.deb: 100%
      Downloading amd64/linux-image-unsigned-5.7.10-050710-generic_5.7.10-050710.202007220834_amd64.deb: 100%
      Downloading amd64/linux-modules-5.7.10-050710-generic_5.7.10-050710.202007220834_amd64.deb: 100%
      Downloading amd64/CHECKSUMS: 100%
      Downloading amd64/CHECKSUMS.gpg: 100%
      Signature of checksum file has been successfully verified
      Checksums of deb files have been successfully verified with sha256sum
      Installing 4 packages

      my system are on

      ##pi@pi386:~$ cat /etc/*release
      DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=”Ubuntu 20.04 LTS”
      VERSION=”20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)”
      PRETTY_NAME=”Ubuntu 20.04 LTS”

      so i thing a payed version must do his job

      regards Jens

      1. Tony George

        Hi Jens… If you need support please send me an email instead of leaving a comment. If someone leaves a comment I have no way to verify who the person is.
        Latest version of this app is v20.06.2. Upgrade to this version and click Refresh button on the main window. This will solve the problem.

  11. iknowledge

    Hello Tony, I have 4 Servers. Running Debian, Ubuntu. and CentOS. Can you please let me know if I can get a license copy that I can run on the four servers? Please keep the pricing cost effective since I am from India and the conversion rates are high.

    1. Tony George

      You can use a single licence on all your servers as long as you are the primary user.

      These mainline kernels are not meant to be used on servers/production systems as updating the kernels can sometimes cause problems. Stick to the official kernels for better reliability on servers.

    2. Tony George

      This app is only for Ubuntu. Debian and CentOS are not supported.

  12. fabsmad

    Hello, I bought a license but i can’t find your email anymore.
    Would you be so gentle to send me the license again?
    Many thanks for your work


    1. Tony George

      I have sent you the email. Please email me directly in future for faster response.

  13. David

    Feature request: Being able to set a random already installed kernel as active kernel for next boot. Sometimes have to roll back from latest to previous because of driver support not yet there. Now its a hassle to do that

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