UMix 20.04 Update

Refreshed ISOs for UMix 20.04 are now available with some minor changes.

Theme Changes

Default icon theme has been tweaked a bit to make the icons blend better with dark backgrounds. Default theme now uses folder icons from Yaru instead of the orange folder icons from Suru icon theme.

Existing users can install this theme with following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install umix-yaru-icon-theme

Use the Unity Tweak Tool to change the icon theme to “UMix-Yaru“.


MATE edition now uses a dark theme by default.


There was an issue where both Nautilus and Caja would try to auto-mount a device when it is plugged in. Caja ran first and succeeded while Nautilus displayed a “already mounted” or “failed to mount” error message.

Existing users can fix the issue with following commands:

dconf write /org/gnome/desktop/media-handling/automount 'false'
dconf write /org/gnome/desktop/media-handling/automount-open 'false'


Downloading UMix requires a one-time payment of $15. You will be added to an email distribution list. Download links for the current release (and all future releases) will be sent by email to all people on the mailing list.

This fee pays for servers where downloads are hosted, and for time spent in creating these images.

If you have already subscribed, please check your emails.

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    1. Tony George

      UMix uses GTK-Greeter instead of Slick-Greeter. Both GTK-Greeter and Slick-Greeter are greeters for LightDM display manager.

      Slick-Greeter is definitely pretty but it does not support typing username instead of selecting username from a list. On systems with many users this is inconvenient as you need to scroll through the list to find your username. Typing the username is also required to login using a network user account (which won’t be listed on the login screen).

      I’m planning to continue with GTK-Greeter as default. I’ll add an option to the UMix Welcome tool to switch to Slick Greeter. You will be able to switch to Slick greeter with a single click.

      1. Tony George

        This is added to UMix Welcome. There’s a new tab for Login options. Update to v20.06.

  1. ElDee

    Does UMix “phone-home” to Canonical, you or ??? Thanks for keeping Unity Alive!

    1. Tony George

      It’s same as regular Ubuntu. You should stick to Debian if you are paranoid about privacy.

  2. Danil

    In UMix 20.04, do Firefox and Thunderbird work well with the global/unified menu?

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