Ukuu v19.10

Ukuu v19.10 is now available.

What’s New

Settings window

The options in Settings window are now more organized.

UI Theme

UI theme can now be changed from Appearance tab. Default theme is Vimix-dark.

Select System if you wish to keep your system theme.


Frequency of notifications have been reduced. Notifications will be displayed only once for each kernel version.

Option was added to select notification style.

Auto-remove options

You can now select the number of kernels to keep when removing older kernels.

A minimum of 1 official kernel and 2 mainline kernels will always be kept, so that they can be used to boot the system in case of a bad kernel update. You can increase this limit as required.

Option to change downloader

An option was added to use cURL or Wget downloader instead of Aria.

This is useful for people who are unable to download packages using Aria, either due to network restrictions, or due to other reasons.

Hold updates for official kernels

An option was added for holding updates to the official kernel. This places a hold on official kernel packages so that they do not get updated along with system updates.

WARNING: Booting an official Ubuntu kernel that is not up-to-date is a security risk. Use this option only if you never boot the official kernels, and only use mainline kernels.

Other changes

  • Added support for using HTTP and HTTPS proxy settings configured on system
  • Fixed: Running the app with a network account (instead of local user account) caused an error
  • Fixed: Kernel version was detected incorrectly for some RC kernels


A personal licence is currently available for purchase. This is a single-user licence that is valid for lifetime, and includes future updates.

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  1. Robert Baxley

    Tony, setting the GRUB timeout doesn’t seem to work in this version. I do know it has worked in the previous version as I used this feature to set the timeout in GRUB often as I test different kernels so I don’t know what’s going on now.

    1. Tony George

      GRUB’s behaviour seems to have changed. Will be fixed in the next update.

  2. ronnoc

    Really enjoying the paid version of this utility, Tony. Keep up the good work!

    1. Tony George

      Thank you 🙂

  3. Miller

    Hello, will this work or Ubuntu 20.04, also, how far back will this tool go with regards to listed kernels?

    1. robstahendricks

      Works with 20.04. I can see Kernel 5.0.0

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