Timeshift v18.8

Timeshift v18.8 is now available.

What’s New

  • #196 Fixed a typo
  • #191 Don’t exclude /var/spool
  • Add makepot file
  • Launcher: Explicitly pass DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY to pkexec
  • Use -O3 optimization when compiling with gcc
  • #278 Increased the width of Setup Wizard window
  • Fixed: Unencrypted partionless disk could not be used as backup device
  • Added support for using F2FS and ZFS filesystems for RSYNC backups
  • Workaround for Docker mounting rootfs on /var/lib/docker/plugins
  • Added support for raid5 and dmraid
  • Translation fixes


Ubuntu-based distributions (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc)

Packages are available in Launchpad PPA for supported Ubuntu releases. Run following commands in a terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install timeshift

Other Linux Distributions

Installers are available on the GitHub page.

Run the following one-line commands in a terminal window:

# 64-bit
cd /tmp && curl -s -L https://github.com/teejee2008/timeshift/releases/latest | egrep -o 'teejee2008/timeshift/releases/download/.*/timeshift-v[0-9.]*-amd64.run' | wget --base=http://github.com/ -i - -O timeshift-latest-amd64.run && sudo chmod a+x ./timeshift-latest-amd64.run && sudo ./timeshift-latest-amd64.run
# 32-bit
cd /tmp && curl -s -L https://github.com/teejee2008/timeshift/releases/latest | egrep -o 'teejee2008/timeshift/releases/download/.*/timeshift-v[0-9.]*-i386.run' | wget --base=http://github.com/ -i - -O timeshift-latest-i386.run && sudo chmod a+x ./timeshift-latest-i386.run && sudo ./timeshift-latest-i386.run


Timeshift is a non-commercial application. If you wish to support this project, you can make a donation for $10 or more via PayPal. Your contributions will help keep the project alive and support future development.

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