Polo File Manager v18.8

Polo File Manager v18.8 is now available.

What’s New

ClamAV Antivirus Scanner (Donation Plugin)

You can now right-click a folder and scan it for malware using ClamAV. ClamAV is a popular open-source antivirus developed by Cisco.

Scan progress is displayed in a new tab. After the scan is complete, you can select and move files to quarantine.

Quarantined files will be packed into a TAR archive and moved to a quarantine folder. This location is mapped to `/quarantine` when executed as admin, and `$HOME/.quarantine` when executed as normal user.

There are 2 scan modes:

Quick scan — This is the recommended mode. Files larger than 5 MB will be skipped, and files inside archives are not scanned.

Deep Scan — This is a very thorough scan that is 10 times slower than a quick scan. It will look inside archives, check all files irrespective of size, and also check for potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). PUAs include executable files compressed with runtime packers that are usually associated with malware. It can result in false positives, so scan results should be reviewed before moving files to quarantine.

There’s a new option in Main Menu > Tools > Quarantined files. Use this option to view, restore or delete quarantined items.


  • ClamAV is not installed by default and must be installed manually if you want to use this feature. You can install it using your package manager (Synaptic, GNOME Software, etc).
# install clamav
sudo apt install clamav

# update database
sudo freshclam
  • This feature is an on-demand scanner. There are no options for running scheduled scans, and there are no plans to add this. You can schedule a scan using the clamscan tool that is provided with ClamAV. Check the ClamAV docs for more information.
  • Linux is more secure than Windows and does not need antivirus software. This feature is meant for people who are dual-booting with Windows, and who need to scan their Windows partitions occasionally. 95% of ClamAV signatures are for Windows malware.
  • Deep Scan mode is about 10x slower than Quick Scan and not recommended for normal use. Quick scan skips files above 5 MB since malware files are usually very small. It also skips archives since the files inside are harmless till archive is extracted.
  • Scans can be run with sudo privileges using the As Admin sub-menu. Use this option for scanning system folders, and any folders that are not owned by you.

Properties Panel Changes

The live preview of videos in Properties panel has been removed. It will now display a thumbnail for the video.

The live preview had various issues. It had a dependency on X11 and did not work under Wayland. It was causing random crashes on some Linux distributions such as Manjaro. Closing the properties panel, or clicking a video with the properties panel open, would sometimes cause a segfault in the application. In rare cases it would crash the entire user session. I was not able to find the cause of the issue. The feature itself is not worth the trouble it is causing, and has been removed.

Other Changes

  • #206— Fixed build errors with newer versions of libvte291
  • Fixed: Extracting compressed TAR archive throws an error “–overwrite-dir cannot be used with –overwrite”
  • Fixed: Connecting to remote servers throws an error that “gvfs-mount command is deprecated” in Ubuntu Bionic. gvfs commands have been replaced by their equivalent gio commands.
  • Fixed: GTK errors due to set_cursor() being attached before widget is realized
  • Fixed: Refreshing the view when directory contents change can sometimes crash the application


Polo includes a few extra features and plugins for people who have contributed to the project through donations, translations, code contributions, etc. You can make a donation for $10 or more via PayPal to receive the plugins by email. Your contributions will help keep the project alive and support future development.

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  1. Marvin

    Hello, I tried to install polo-file-manager, but it has broken dependencies, which I was unable to fix myself, so unable to install Polo. It needs gvfs-common_1.36.1-3_all and gvfs-bin_1.36.1-3_i386, but I have already installed 1.38.1-3 of both files. Lubuntu 18.04, i386, 32bit. Thank you for advice/fix.

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