Groot v18.1

Groot v18.1 is now available.

Groot is a tiny utility to chroot into a Linux system installed on another partition or directory. It is similar to the arch-chroot command available on Arch Linux, and based on the same script. It can be used on any Linux distribution.

It’s useful for installing and updating packages on an installed system without booting from it. It’s also useful for fixing boot issues when a system is unable to boot.

What’s New

Verbose Option

There’s a new “verbose” option that displays details of steps being executed.

Enter Chroot
Exit Chroot

Run groot without “verbose” option for displaying less information.

Chroot using fstab file

There’s a new command for chrooting a system using the fstab file. It mounts devices for /, /home, /boot, /boot/efi, etc as specified in the fstab file of guest system. This is useful for re-installing GRUB and fixing boot issues, as it mounts boot devices automatically.

The crypttab file is used for unlocking encrypted volumes. Devices are unlocked with same device mapper name as specified in crypttab file. This avoids errors when updating GRUB, as GRUB will search for a root device with the same name when it is updated.

Typing ‘exit’ will un-mount all devices and exit the session.

Enter Chroot
Exit Chroot

Other Changes

  • Chroot session will use the guest system’s environment variables instead of the host system.
  • Fixed an issue where “basepath” option was ignored
  • Installers are now compressed with XZ


Binary installers are available on the Releases page.

You can download and install the latest release of Groot on any Linux distribution, using the following one-line commands:

# 64-bit
cd /tmp && curl -s -L | egrep -o 'teejee2008/groot/releases/download/.*/groot-v[0-9.]*' | wget --base= -i - -O && sudo chmod a+x ./ && sudo ./
# 32-bit
cd /tmp && curl -s -L | egrep -o 'teejee2008/groot/releases/download/.*/groot-v[0-9.]*' | wget --base= -i - -O && sudo chmod a+x ./ && sudo ./


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